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Flex 7 - Medium

Freeriding demands a careful balance of power and playful elegance as does equipment. You can find that balance in the COR-PRO; powerful performance and support without giving up on board feel and creative, expressive reaction. A Power Polymer high back with lateral adjustment capability, a canted EVA footbed with heel shock pod, a uniquely tuned dyadic construction Dual Band ankle strap as well as carbon fiber stringers running through the magnesium of the Mervin Made Flex Control Drive Plate. All that tech adds up to a natural boot to binding to board to snow connection for the ultimate freestyle / freeride harmony.

Black - Art by Elevatorteeth
@elevatorteeth sees the world in shapes, unfinished and infinite of both human and alien design. Strap in to sentients.

COR-PRO White is clean and calm with a bright and springy forest floor drive plate to help keep you in tune with your natural surroundings. Who knew ferns made such delicious boot candy?
Bent Metal Bindings Cor-Pro Flex Scale

Magnesium / Carbon Fiber Drive Plate

Magnesium Fiber, Carbon Fiber, UHMW Core and Eco-Sublimated top sheet material create a medium flex pattern for a broad range of conditions.

Nylon Highback

Engineered Nylon Polymer has a medium flex which is best for all around riding conditions.

Bent Metal Bindings Cor-Pro Drive Plate

Size Chart

Size Boot Size
S US M 5-8
M US M 8-11
L US M 11-14
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