“Metta Upshot” Binding Works Edit

We have a bunch of rad women on our bindings; big mountain rulers, jibbers, slashers, jumpers, Olympians, legends and upstarts. For this installment of our Binding Works video series we sent MMMedia’s Sean Lucey and Tim Stanford out to capture them in action. From Vermont to British Columbia to Timberline to Alaska to Pennsylvania we see the session as if we’re there; pushing limits, having laughs and maybe getting a little hungry. Conditions vary, lips get squashed, rails are sticky, light changes but through all this one constant, binding works.

Gallery pics by Tim Zimmerman:

To go with this every growing crew of female shreds we have an all new women’s binding in the line, the BMBW Metta! The Metta has all our core technologies providing a great foundation to ride strong with our flex control advantage. The Drive Plate is tuned to a perfect all mountain medium flex and is paired with a responsive yet forgiving nylon highback formula to work great in all conditions and terrain.

Gianna Andrews painting color way
Tim Zimmerman photo color way
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