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Transfer - Jamie Lynn

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Flex 6 - Medium
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Versatile Performance and all mountain dominance. BMBW’s perfect all terrain combination of an Engineered Polymer Highback and a responsive Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate gives you precise freestyle/ freeride performance and control in every riding situation. Team tested and approved from East Coast parks to AK peaks.

Art by Jamie Lynn
Let there be light. Jamie Lynn hits his signature binding with a black scratchy tag on an all white canvas. Clean hesh from the OG power freestyling, freewheeling bad ass.
Bent Metal Bindings Transfer Flex Scale

Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate

Magnesium Fiber, UHMW Core and Eco-Sublimated top sheet material create a medium flex pattern for a broad range of conditions.

Nylon Highback

Engineered Nylon Polymer has a medium flex which is best for all around riding conditions.

Bent Metal Bindings Transfer Drive Plate

Size Chart

Size Boot Size
S US M 5-8
M US M 8-11
L US M 11-14
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