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Logic - Sean Genovese

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Medium Soft - Flex 4

Dynamic freestyle integration. Our softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi Axial fiber Drive Plates allows you maximum freedom of movement in freestyle terrain and unrestrained flow in powder or smooth groomers. The Logic lets you push yourself to the edge but always come back to center and ride it out.

Art by Sean Genovese.

Sean Genovese the man is a creative juggernaut responsible for countless epic moments of snowboarding, video production, graphic and board design. Sean Genovese the artist is more of a spectral mist that occasionally animates in to a solid and scratches communications into caves, public restrooms, skin or Teslas. It’s with the man and the mist that we are proud to work with again on a wrenching BMBW Logic design.
Bent Metal Bindings Logic Flex Scale

Boron Fiber Drive Plate

Boron Fiber, Poly Core and Eco-Sublimated top sheet material create a medium flex pattern for a broad range of conditions.

Nylon Highback

Engineered Nylon Polymer has a medium flex which is best for all around riding conditions.

Bent Metal Bindings Logic Drive Plate

Size Chart

Size Boot Size
S US M 5-8
M US M 8-11
L US M 11-14
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