Savannah, Naima, Jacque and more in Uninvited 2

The Uninvited crew is back in another barn burning freestyle foray. From the Milton Berle quote that kicks the video off to the bell ringing ender this thing is packed with amazing talent and hard fought hammers. BMBW rider Savannah Shinske kicks it off with an amazing full part featuring psycho kinks and wild fleece followed close behind by Naima Antolin who’s creative and technical approach delivers some serious eye candy with an especially delicious super combo ender. Also starring Jacque Lammert, Brantley Mullins and WAY more. The Uninvited 2 is a great cross cut of already established and up and coming women riders from around the globe who are putting in the work every winter to advance their skills and create a more vibrant snowboard scene where all are invited!

Tim Zimmerman got to do a trip with Savannah Shinske and Naima Antolin while stacking for the Uninvited 2 in Minnesota, they threw down on every feature possible, here’s a couple snaps from the experience.

Savannah and Naima ride the BMBW STYLIST

Bent Metal Stylist Women's Snowboard Binding
Bent Metal Stylist Women's Snowboard Binding - White
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