Boot Candy

Sean Lucey and Austen Sweetin for Bent Metal Binding Works
Lucey getting up close on some “boot candy” on Austen Sweetin

We are lucky to work with amazing team riders in the development and testing of our bindings. Our designers and engineers take the team’s feedback, art and creative inspiration, and painstakingly apply it to every detail on every binding in the line. What we get out of it are super reliable, high performance bindings with snowboard culture and rider personality built in. This recipe makes for what we think are the most appetizing bindings in the world. So good you can’t wait to strap in! So good your boots are leaping in! So good you could eat them… and that’s why we started calling them boot candy. In “Boot Candy” the movie we have almost the complete BMBW squad represented in an epic season recap full of powder, park, streets, fun, small, big, scary, funny, floaty, thick and sick moments. In the culmination of our Binding Works series, editor and director Sean Lucey weaves together a real life video piece of the BMBW team chasing down their personal best while strapped in to some seriously delicious boot candy. A mix of natural noise, music and found audio puts the viewer there with the crew and ready for winter adventures of your own; strap in, exhale, go… binding works.

Starring: Jamie Lynn, Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, Eric Jackson, Tucker Andrews, Estelle Pensiero, Naima Antolin, Brandon Reis, Austen Sweetin, Max Warbington, Phil Hansen, Alex Lopez, Temple Cummins, Sean Genovese, Michael McDaniel, Jesse Burtner, Al Grogan, Dusty Miller, Savannah Shinske, Jacque Lammert, Barrett Christy, Gus Warbington, Fredrik Perry, Denver Orr, Bryden Bowley, Kaitlyn Farrington, Fredi Kalbermatten, Lily Calabrese

Shot on location at: Baldface Lodge, The Knob Project at Pine Knob Michigan, Quebec, Mt. Baker and all around the Northwest.

Video by: Sean Lucey, Tim Stanford, Al Grogan, Jesse Burtner, Tim Zimmerman, Brendan Hupp with a bunch more contributions.

Music by:
Tech Start Up
“Oil Panic”

Live music by: Jamie Lynn, Austen Sweetin and Tim Zimmerman

Max Warbington at Mt Baker, WA
Max Warbington went off on this wind lip at Mt. Baker
Naima Antolin quick laps in the Stylist
Naima Antolin quick laps in the Stylist
Lucey chasing down Brandon Reis at The Knob Project for "Boot Candy"
Lucey chasing down Brandon Reis at The Knob Project for “Boot Candy”
2020-2021 Bent Metal Bindings
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