BMBW at the Bonezone

Team Metal veteran Ted Borland and his DIY log park creation, the Bonezone Brighton, just dropped their full video from an epic early season. Ted starts her off with a couple minutes of Big Smooth doing impossible set ups with amazing style. A true pleasure to see Ted back in front of the lens flowing through gnarly set ups like he’s carving on groomers. After that we are treated to a good portion of SLC including Team Metal rulers Dylan, Denver, Cooper and Tucker as they log some log hammers and bend some serious metal. Then Phil Hansen comes in for curtains with some trippy music and trippier tricks including his binding less heroics at the very end. This vid is another amazing chapter in the Bonezone video history that leaves you feeling great about this little subcultural snowboard side show. Especially seeing Ted and OG Bonezone heavy weights like Parker Duke back again to get the legs going hiking, jibbing, laughing and creating in true DIY fashion.

Categories | Cooper Whittier, Denver Orr, Dylan Okurowski, Phil Hansen, Ted Borland