BMBW at Bench Heaven

There’s just something about benches. Norwegian pro Fredrik Perry knows this better than anyone. He loves riding them, sliding them, ollie-ing over them, ducking under them, sitting on them, putting them on t-shirts, making movies about them and even throwing an all bench event at his local hill called Bench Heaven. This year was the third annual Bench Heaven at Oslo Vinterpark and it was just that. A jibbers heaven of endless fast paced bench derived freestyle options with 150+ hungry hungry hippos chomping at every possible trick. It was truly like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you were going to get. The session RAGED for 4 hours, never letting up for a second, the frenzied pack of boarders tore the course down and then tore the club up at the afterparty / awards. Our very own Zebbe Landmark was crowned Style God and Brandon Reis (the beast) took home the highest honor of Bench God! Brandon won a hand made hard wood bench that he now has to find a way to ship back to the states, but that’s another story!

All in all Fredrik put on one heaven of an event and sealed the trilogy of Bench Heaven with it’s best showing ever. Although Bench Heaven is now a Holy Ghost I’m sure the father will have another son that will save us from mid winter boredom again!

Watch the official Bench Heaven video here!

BMBW insta clip from Bench Heaven:

Action Pics by: Tommy Larsen

After Party / Awards Pics by: Even Brekke

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