BMBW at The Bogus Project

The BMBW crew hit up Snowboy Production’s The Bogus Project at beautiful Bogus Basin, ID where Krush of Snowboy and C-Mac’s Bogus park crew combined to create an amazingly fun and expressive park. Sean Lucey’s filming brings to life the flow state capabilities of the Bogus Project park and the next level creative skill of the BMBW riders. What we get here is another deliciously stripped down study of an epic snowboard session. Dork around, joke, talk about food and then strap in and go for it. Repeat. It’s all when your in Bent Metals because your BINDING WORKS! Ryan Paul, Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Phil Hansen, Peter Cerulo, Dusty Miller and Cooper Whittier put on an absolute clinic of clean, stylish, next level snowboarding.

Huge thanks to Krush at Snowboy Productions and the entire Bogus Basin Terrain Parks crew including Corey Mcdonald.

Gallery by Tim Zimmerman #zimstagram

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