BMBW at Bench Heaven!

Bench Heaven is a place on earth! Oslo Winterpark was yet again the home of Bench Heaven, a snowboarding event where everyone can partake, but only the best can win. Produced, directed, birthed and ripped by BMBW team rider Fredrik Perry; this year had more benches, more square footage, more crazy boardin’ and a slew of BMBW heavy hitters on hand. Over a hundred riders gathered including our own Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Zebbe Landmark, Cooper Whittier, Peter Cerulo and Robby Mehan to join in Fredrik’s jib fantasy. After the pow dust settled there was prizes awarded and even money, but only for the women. That’s right, only the ladies took home cash. Brandon Reis took home the soon to be coveted “Jeremy Renner” award. The rider that Jeremy Renner would most likely be stoked on wins the “Jeremy Renner” award, naturally it was Reis. Great times were had and the crew stuck around another week filming for Think Thank’s next Fallen Leaf. All in all it was a good time but it wasn’t the Olympics…it was better! Bench Heaven 2018 will go down in history as THE best bench specific snowboard event ever. Ever.

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