BMBW at the Bonezone

The Bonezone is a DIY log jib snowboard park that was started years ago by pro snowboarders and good friends Alex Andrews and Ted Borland. It has spurred years of progressive jib focused riding and has been a destination for pros from around the world who want to get their legs going early season. What was a secret private-ish hike only spot is now an open to the public above board shred park at Brighton Resort. The best part about the Bonezone Brighton (what this new iteration of the Bonezone is called) is that it entirely retained it’s original DIY spirit. Ted Borland and a young crew of local rulers put in weeks of work every fall preparing the zone, and then occupy it on the daily making sure all who enter are enjoying it, but also helping out in the maintenance with their “every one must bring and use a shovel” policy. What you get is a real progressive, open, engaging and ridiculously fun shred scene that for the first month and a half of every season just dominates the airwaves. Real snowboarders creating real culture for all of us to enjoy or to even join in. Kudos to Ted, Brighton and the Bonezone crew.

This season pro-shred turned am-snow skater turned pro photog Scotty Arnold (maybe you know him as Arnie 5k) was posted up the whole time getting sick pics of the entire scene, including a bunch of the BMBW crew. Enjoy this Arnie 5k gallery and get stoked for his next nose manny nollie flip and the next Bonezone Brighton season!

Watch Ted Borland and Brandon Reis slaughter the Bonezone in this Lib Tech Road to Holy Bowly edit.

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